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Welcome to The Next Stop!

Located in Suwanee, Georgia, The Next Stop provides opportunities for our members to socialize, enjoy recreation, and continue to learn three afternoons a week.

Surrounded by peers and mentors, members of The Next Stop enjoy stimulating afternoons laughing and enjoying friendships in a fulfilling and challenging way. We are a vibrant program offering high quality group activities, learning opportunities and personalized mentorship to our members!

Our Program

Having a place to belong and a place to enjoy friendships is important to all of us! Read more...


Our Vision

What happens when the school bus stops coming? The Next Stop! Read more...


Our Beginning

Based on their own family's needs, The LaRoche's knew they had been called to a mission beyond their wildest dreams. Read more...



Big or small, your gift makes a difference.

COVID Friendly Golf Tournament

Silent Auction

$10,000 Cash Raffle

Thank you to Royal Lakes Golf and Country Club and our very generous community of support that made The Next Stop’s 2020 fundraising a big success!

Trey has loved Next Stop from day one, and being able to stay in touch with his Next Stop family during the COVID-19 pandemic has made all the difference for him. The Next Stop immediately began Zoom groups for their members and reminded them that they are not "stuck" at home but "safe" at home. Hearing that message and being with his friends online, has helped him to better understand the situation and deal with his emotions. Listening to his conversations and helping him with his Next Stop projects and activities has helped us understand his perspective and has created a new kind of conversation in our house. We are forever grateful to The Next Stop team!

Check out all of the fun at The Next Stop!

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TNS staff so thrilled to actually SEE in person some of our members at our t-shirt pick up Saturday.  Hope shines through The Next Stop ❤️

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Great idea to take photos! Everyone looks so happy—even in their masks! 😷❤️

It was SO GOOD to see so many friends Saturday ❤️

LOVE these photos! And your stamina, Vicki! Looks like you're getting pretty mobile.

How can I get a Tshirt 😊😊😊😊

So sorry I'd missed everyone

I am so glad that I was able to come with my momma Debbie to get the shirt . the reason why I'm so tired all the time is because all the exercises we do and that I do every Monday and Wednesday on the fit frenzy friends page that's why I'm so tired all the time . sorry about that . see you'll this week on zoom

🤦🏻‍♀️ We missed this.

That's great!

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After 7 months of only meeting with our Next Stop members on Zoom, our volunteers continue to be a huge part of our programming.  Even when we ask them to do hilarious things, they’re great sports!  Ever heard of the game “Watch Ya Mouth”?

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You need a box of Kleenex for this game. It brings tears 🤣 to your eyes. So much needed laughter. Thanks to some great volunteers.

We love you Volunteers.

Look at my photo Vicki LaRoche floating in my picture. That's cool.

Dedicated! To be involved with such a loving group is such a blessing. It brings me great joy to be a part of everyone's life. You know your loved when others step out of their zone to make others laugh and smile. Aww it's heart warming. Thank you next stop for making ever lasting friendships, love, laughter, tears, happiness, learning, growing and thriving. Gosh, so much more. Much love to you all.

you got that right because somethings don't make any since to me when they are saying things . And every time I laugh about this game and any funny thing we do my momma Debbie can hear me laughing downstairs from having a good time 🙂

Our volunteers are worth more than their weight in gold. Thank you for sharing your hearts and laughter with us. Oh my gosh - I’m still laughing from this FUN day together ❤️

We have the best volunteers with the biggest hearts❤️❤️❤️❤️. Thank you all!

My mouth still hurts - from laughing!

You guys ROCK!

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We are all looking forward to a virtual family night on October 23rd themed “Glimmers of Hope”—an effort to honor the tradition of our annual family dinner and musical presentation during the year of COVID.

First tradition observed: Members first had the opportunity to prepare toll house cookie bars ...one of their favorites.  Eat some, save some for our special night. 😊

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🥰 You Next Stoppers really know how to get ‘er done. 😊 Miss Vicki might have a broken foot, but her brain & heart aren’t broken. Nor her sidekicks, getting her in and out of everything, Mr Stu, Miss Katrina, Miss Dawn, etc. I nominate The Next Stop, in this year of the Covid, for the Perseverance Award‼️👍🙏💕

I want to eat with everyone at home on zoom but the house rule is no food and beverages at the computer because that's a good way to make a mess on the key board, mess it up

I agree. Did not know. Vicki broke her foot, has she been practicing field goals again? Lol. Hope she heals quickly. Give her a hug for me. Barb

Thank you to Royal Lakes Golf and Country Club and our very generous community of support that made The Next Stops 2020 COVID Friendly fundraising a big success.
So exciting to present a check to the 2020 Cash Raffle winner!

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congrats Jackie!

The Next Stops COVID Friendly Silent Auction is happening right now!  You can download the Handbid app onto your smart phone or access the auction site on your computer.  
Closes Monday at noon.  Thank you for your support--we hope you enjoy shopping with us!  https://events.handbid.com/auctions/the-14th-annual-next-stop-golf-tournament
THANKING YOU for your purchase of a $10,000 cash raffle ticket(s)!   A great way to support The Next Stop and possibly WIN the money!
$25 per ticket -- every 10 bought earns a free ticket
Drawing is September 28, 2020

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which golf course is it going to be at so my dad Larry can take me?

Guessing what the small piece of the picture is going to become as it gets larger is one of our big group Zoom activities.  Fun times 🤗
Playing BINGO is always fun—even in a Zoom session!

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I was finally able to print out the bingo game today to play it with you'll at 2:30pm and I am going to be using almonds for bingo chips because the other things will be to messy to put on and off the card . see you'll at 1:00pm and at 2:30pm

Looking good Ian!

We could call it Zingo! 😂

That was fun yesterday

I just didn't have any bingo chips or anything to play bingo so that's why I wanted to watch

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The members are learning how to manage some zoom features and we couldn’t be prouder!  Several were able to draw on the whiteboard for the first time while playing Pictionary.  😍 (yes, this is rain!)

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Its awsome the new skills that are being learned at TNS. So proud of everyone. So happy to still conect with everone there.

Thanks Nick for sending this very moving message.   You said what the whole Next Stop family feels.😢❤️

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hey nick this is your gf I know what you are going through because I do actually miss going there to play uno cards with you but at least we can see each other every week on zoom until it reopens again 🙂 see you this week on zoom 🙂

I miss next stop

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Some very proud peanut butter pie makers!

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Wow every one made some delicious looking pie.

Looks delicious !!!!!

Oh wow! They all look so yummy! 🏆🥇🥧 🤗😋

I just didn't have the stuff to make it and I had birthday cake at home that my neighbor brought to my momma Debbie for her birthday on Tuesday that's another reason why I decided not to participate in it .

Those all look so yummy!!!! 😋

Those look awesome. Great job everyone!


Looking good everyone!

Great job everyone😋😊

Awesome job!

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