Vicki LaRoche – Exective Director

Co-founding The Next Stop with her husband, Stu, in 2006, Vicki’s role is multifaceted. She serves as the Executive Director of the organization and also the President of the Board of Directors. These administrative roles provide her the opportunity to be The Next Stop spokesperson for community relations, program communications, and program inquiries. She is directly involved with all fundraising projects including grant writing. Vicki collaborates with The Next Stop team as they implement and facilitate the planned activities for the members.

Kathy Cookson – Program Director/Occupational Therapist

Kathy joined The Next Stop team in 2015. With over 30 years experience as an occupational therapist, and extensive experience in a variety of settings, she brings invaluable insight to addressing the needs of individuals with special needs. At The Next Stop, she carries dual responsibilities. In her role as Program Director, she oversees all daily activities planned and implemented by our Activity Director. Her leadership has also been instrumental to the development and management of The Next Stop Neighborhood, our activity-based website designed to serve this community. 

Wendi Clark - Activities Director

Wendi came on board in 2024 in the role of Activity Director. Her primary role within The Next Stop is to collaborate with our Program Director, to plan and implement all activities provided daily for our members.These purposeful and stimulating activities are always goal oriented and therapeutic as we strive to facilitate continued personal growth by our members as well as maintain and improve current levels of independence. She also works to support our program volunteers in their roles at activity facilitators.

Karin Bowman – Kitchen Coordinator

Karin’s natural cooking skills provide The Next Stop a leader to manage all aspects of our kitchen education. She plans and develops picture-supported recipes, does all grocery shopping, and leads the cooking segment of each day. Her preschool teaching experience and having an adult daughter with special needs has prepared her to plan appropriate cooking activities to The Next Stop’s special needs population. Karin has been a part of The Next Stop since before it opened in September, 2007.

Katrina Furqueron – Administrative Coordinator

Katrina manages many areas of The Next Stop program serving as the volunteer coordinator, onsite bookkeeper, records keeper, and all-around administrative assistant. She has been a part of The Next Stop team since it opened in September, 2007. Katrina’s people skills serve her well as she is consistently communicating with members, volunteers, and member families on behalf of The Next Stop. Her valuable organizational abilities have supported the growth and development of the infrastructure of The Next Stop.