Great Things Dot Art (2021)

Glimmers of Hope (2020)

Lets Hear if For OUR Volunteers! (2020)

Born to Shine (2019)

A summary of our members’ Born to Shine celebration performance

The Light Within Us (2019)

Love Train at Better Together (2018)

The Next Stop Program (2018)

Watch this …get a general overview of The Next Stop program.

The Next Stop Hoedown (2017)

Watch this …to see what it takes for our members to prepare, rehearse and host our annual family and friends event.

The Next Stop Program (2012)

Watch this …to understand the positive impact The Next Stop is having on the lives of young adults with high functioning special needs and their families.

Shining Stars (2013)

The Next Stop provides the opportunity for everyone to SHINE! Watch this tribute to all our bright stars!

The Next Stop Tribute to Our Members and Their Families (2012)

The Next Stop strives to be a place that our members can “call their own”. Watch this tribute to our members and their families.